Therapeutic Oils

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Essential oils represent the DNA of plants. They are their essence (their Jing in Chinese medicine term), the result of millions of years of evolution. Plants developed these aromatic, volatile, lipophilic substances as a response to their environment. The essential oils are acting as the immune system of the plant.

Plants, mammals and insects react in the same ways against viruses, bacteria and fungi. Human beings have evolved side by side with plants and have been using them all along as medicinals; the essential oils help us to fight microbial attacks.

Essential oils have a deep psychological effect on humans and are often used as a medium to connect with our spiritual being (incense, perfumes).

Following Chinese medicine paradigms we use Essential Oils to correct imbalances on the physical, emotional and spiritual level. We may recommend a formula to be applied on acupuncture points, or diffused in a room, or ingested, or in the form of suppositories.

Due to their ability to protect the integrity of the cell's make up (DNA) Therapeutic Essential Oils are excellent remedies against viruses responsible for illnesses such as: the common cold, the flu, shingles; bacteria responsible for illnesses such as: intestinal parasites, pneumonia, strep throat, etc... ; fungi responsible for illnesses such as candida, athletes foot, bronchial infestation, etc...

Although each formula is tailored to the particular needs of each patient I have elaborated a few blends based the teachings of Jeffrey C. Yuen and Kurt Schnaubelt. These therapeutic blends are effective as:

  • Immune booster blend, helps to prevent the flu
  • Water reduction blend, helps to resolve Edema and Cellulite
  • Athletes foot blend, helps to fight and get rid of the fungus
  • PMS blend, helps to alleviate pre and post menstrual discomfort
  • Allergy blend/spray, helps to alleviate allergic reactions and discomfort
  • Student blend, enhances memory, concentration and performance
  • Immune boost to prevent the common cold and other respiratory imbalances
  • Mouth Health to help prevent ulcers, canker sores, carries
  • Steams and Breathers to help prevent contamination while traveling (air, bus, trains, etc... )
  • Pre and Post Work-out to help prevent soreness and injuries from heavy physical exertion
  • Analgesic salve to help alleviate minor aches and pains

The price of the blend will vary depending of the oils used within. Typically an 1/2 oz topical blend will cost $25-30.