Gems from “GE Hong and Alchemical Acupuncture” w/ Jeffrey C Yuen

Posted on: April 8th, 2015

Here are some quotes from last week seminar in Asheville, NC, where Jeffrey Yuen was lecturing about Ge Hong and Alchemical Chinese medicine.

These quotes are my own writings and I take full responsibility for their contents.

From The “Spirit of the Plants” lecture:

“An Healer does not need to use many herbs, many points, many strokes; just a few will suffice if she/he resonates with them”

“Everyone of us is magical but how many of us want to be a Magician? Everyone is an healer but how many of us are cultivating Healing?”


From the Ge Hong lectures:

“The Dao thinks about you, you need to think about the Dao”

“The Dao De Jing should be read as a children bed-side story”

“We all have Heaven inside us”

“Meditation is not about gaining, it is about loosing something”

The Daoist body: “What is in Nature is within our self. The most fascinating journey if from Within. Wisdom is internal!”

“Go into wilderness to cultivate and evolve but, when enlighten, come back to civilization to help other to cultivate”

“By being able to see the Divine in everything you may become immune to “poisons”, to “bad people”, to “evil spirits”, because they are no such thing…”

“They are many routes to the same conclusion. You just have to follow your Heart

“The mystery of Life lays in creation: Darkness-> Light”

“You need to know where you are coming from, before you can know where you are going”

“What you say is what you honor”

“The more we are looking towards the outside, the more we are afraid of the inside


Thank you Jeffrey!




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