Notes from Lecture on “How to Keep Children Healthy during the Cold & Flu Season” at Southampton Hospital 10/15/2015

Posted on: October 20th, 2015

Here are my notes from the lecture and at the bottom there is a compilation of useful remedies for the Cold-and-Flu season.

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Synopsis of Gilles Obermayer’s lecture at SHH 10/15/15


How to keep children (and everyone else) healthy during the Cold and Flu Season



Chinese Medicine as Applied Philosophy


Warring States 475-221 BC

concept of Yin and Yang 330 BC

Qin Dynasty 

221-207 Huang Di, first emperor, the one who writes the Nei Jing/ Suwen

Han Dynasty 206BC 220 CE 

SHL written at that time by Zhang Zhongjing 220ce

Middle Dynaties Shui Dynasty 581 618

Sun Si Miao 581-682

As to his general philosophy of health, he believed people should keep moving, saying that “running water is never stale and a door hinge does not become worm-eaten because they never stop moving.” But, he thought it was damaging to do too much hard labor, saying: “The way to keep in good health lies in doing light work frequently without fatiguing yourself doing what you cannot.” He was an advocate of good nutrition, having noted that many diseases were curable by consuming the proper foods and that diseases could be caused by eating food that was uncooked, unclean, or poisonous, or by overeating or not chewing one’s food well. He advocated the use of massage therapies, physical exercises, and breathing exercises. Sun suggested that travelers should take with them some remedies and a guidebook to formulas so that they could deal with emergencies that might crop up, such as injuries, bites, skin sores, etc.

Song Dynasty 960-1279

Decrease in Acupuncture, raise of Herbal Medicine

Ming Dynasty 1368-1644

Booming of CM, acupuncture Tuina, cupping, etc… ER Xiao Tui Na theorized.

Wou XouXing write the Wern Bing 1652, Treatise of infectious diseases

Qing Dynasty 1644-1911

Modern CM

CM is about prevention, doctors will treat for free if patient is sick under their care.

“Treating people when they are sick is like digging a well when you are thirsty”


CCM is based on Daoist philosophy

observing and correcting not punishing. All thing have a connection and originate from the same “Void”. Chapt 42 of Dao De Jing:The dao give birth to the One (WuJi), the one give birth to the two (Yin&Yang), the Two give birth to the tThree (Yin, Yang, Ren/Qi), the Three give birth to the myriads of things…”

CCM/Daoism: observing cycles of Planets, Seasons, Life (oceans, rivers, mountains, wind, plants, animals, human beings)

Yang within Yang

Yin within Yang

Yin within Yin

Yang within Yin

Cycles of Yin and Yang: cycle of 7&8 for Woman and Man

Cycles of the seasons (see diagrams) 

4 seasons 52 weeks each season 13 week

6 1/2 weeks at each sides of equinox ands solstice

Yin/Yang growth and weaning

Climate of season

Cycle of our holidays and children diseases (no record of High/Low of Dx repeating each year in Neijing or SuWen)

The 3 requisites of Life

Breathing / Exercises / Qigong

Nutrition/ Food/ Knowledge

Sleep / Rest / Meditation

3 Approaches to Life:

Active: doing self / Qigong

Interactive: doing with / Acupuncture, Tuina, cooking herbal teas, …

Passive: taking pills, surgery with anesthesia, radiation, …


Characteristic of Children

Every Child/Ren is unique!

no “one for all treatment” (Shan Han Lun v/s Wen Bing)

Children are pr definition YANG; they are growing and growing and therefore breathing a lot, exercising a lot, eating a lot and sleeping a lot.

If not: imbalance that will affect health of child and everyone else. “When treating the child, treat the parents” (Child will suck parents/mother energy)

Children NEED to grow, will get what they can.

At birth babies are: exuberant in Yang and (this is my interpretation not written in Classical texts: deficient in Yin: birth= death from the womb=exhaust the Yin=rebirth=Yang) deficient in Yin

Exuberant LR/HT

Immature SP/ST-LU/LI

Deficient KI (only have Yuan Qi, no Post natal Qi yet)


Exuberant in LR/HT:

need to exercise, move in order to diff-use the Yang

need to eat, digest in order to replenish/nourish the Yang

need to sleep in order fortify the Yang


Immature SP/ST-LU/LI:

need to exercise, move in order to move Qi & Blood, nourish the flesh, create Yang movement

need food to make the blood (SP/LU)

need sleep to transform and transport the nutrients = nap after eating


Deficient KI:

need to exercise, move in order to pump the KI Yin/Yang

need to eat, digest in order to create Post-natal Qi and Save it

need to sleep in order replenish Post-natal Qi

We need to honor these requisites in order to have an healthy child/human being



“Food is what we live off and sometimes die off, if we eat the wrong mushrooms or berries”

We are not what we eat but what we can digest”

“mal/wrong nutrition is the cause of all children dx” 

Nutrition is different for:

Babies: breast feeding or not; feed on schedule v/s on demand

Infants (see schedule of infant feeding)


3 to 7-8 year/old

from 7-8 to teenager


rules of thumbs for all of them:

no cold or raw

no sweet

no juices

no dairy: cow hormones not human hormones

new modern considerations:

no gluten

no soy

no corn

We have to feed nutritive values not gastronomique values

Do not altered the food w spices. Spices are medicine, potent.

Children are not picky (negative meaning)! They repeat habit from womb and post-natal feeding but also choose what they need.

Boys like more protein than girls (more Yang)

Children not big on veggie and sea food (too Yin, they need to grow); but depend on environment

US food too spicy. Need Clear-Blend-Diet (CBD)


Disease (DX) mechanisms

TCM: patter of discrimination

CCM: individual assessment of individuals relationship between organs/Phases and pathways.

5 elements


3 stages of DX: onset, full (or not)blown, resolved or chronic. If chronic: remisions and flare-ups

Fever and inflammation are HEALTHY response of the body!!! should not be stopped unless dangerous.

Danger not a measurement; depends on the kid. Convulsion and delirium may be s/s to control the heat.

When treating children: stop tx midway; w/ adult tx all the way

Encourage eruption (unless very weak= latency=divergent meridians); follow the course


Treating Children when ill:

Use Tui Na and EO to prevent DX

To regulate fever:

Lavender behind ear

Xiao Er Tui Na

Jing/well pts

Keep child home

no bath, unless very hot=warm or sl cool bath

CBD! (two wrongs won’t make it right)

have an extra day S/S free before resuming activities and school

Babies, Infant: Tui Na and EO most effective

Todler: same

3-7/8 same plus herbal remedies & Ax if necessary

7/8-teens: same plus acupuncture

Supositories: number one tx in Europe for all pulmonary issues

To Treat Common cold and Flu: Gan Mao Jie Du Wan


Winter Season Health Kit:

Essential Oils and Herbal remedies to assist the prevention of Cold/Flu and Infectious DX; Compiled & created by Gilles Obermayer, MS, L.Ac, LMT


Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Formulas

Cold & Flu Season Immune Booster: Essential Oil Formula to boost immune response to Viral, Bacterial and Fungal infestations. Internal use.

Wind-Heat-Damp & Wind-Cold-Damp Diffuser Formulas: to diffuse and inhale in home to clear out congestion, clear airborne viruses, bacterias and funguses. External Use.

Suppositories: for acute pulmonary ailment; cough, cold induced chest tightness (cold induced asthma). Has to be made case pr case. Internal use.

2 Chest-Rubs: for Wind-Heat and Wind-Cold, w/ presence of Dampness. External Use.

Relaxing/Sleeping Aid: Diffuser or inhalation. External use.


Chinese herbal / Patent formulas (internal use):

Chuan Xin Lian Kan Yan Pian 

to prevent from infectious diseases in case of outbreak (flu, measle, chicken pox, etc…)

Yu Ping Fen Wan

To prevent from Common Cold and Flu; help to prevent from airborne allergies

Ga Mao Jie Du Wan

To treat common cold and flu