New QiGong Series and more

Posted on: January 21st, 2016

Qigong, Essential Oils and Micro-Cosmic Orbit Meditation:

Starting Saturday, 01/23/16 at 4.30pm, [weather permuted, stay tuned], Gilles will be teaching new Qigong series based on the season, the day/month/year relationship to the Wu Xing (the Five Phases) and will also take in consideration individual needs. He will include Essential oils related to the Meridian discussed on that particular day. Later in the Spring, Gilles will teaching the Micro-Cosmic-Orbit Meditation based on the alignment of the Seven Stars (Big Dipper) within our body as well as the cosmos.

Wu-Jing Series: 5 classes $75; single class: $ 20

Micro-Cosmic Orbit: 8 classes, $150 (no single class)

Please, email us at:; or call us at our new clinic phone: 631 594 1806, if you would like to reserve your spot.

Thank you and be well!