Equinox Shiatsu treatments

Posted on: March 11th, 2016

Equinox treatment Friday March 18th-Sunday March 27th

Dear Patients, Friends and Colleagues

The Spring Equinox (Wood/Liver) is upon us and in order to support the detoxification from the Winter’s (Water/Kidney) accumulations and to prepare for the Summer’s (Fire/Heart) heat and exuberance I am offering an Equinox Shiatsu Treatment that will address all the above. This session is performed on the floor, on the mat, and last an hour. At the end I may choose to add a couple of needles or moxa cones, depending of your pulse picture, but the treatment is first of all acupressure and stretches of the meridians.

Because of the time constrain I only have a limited amount of session available per day so please let me know in advance if you would like to book an Equinox Shiatsu Treatment. I will be offering these sessions in Hampton Bays Monday, Tuesday, Saturday), NYC (Friday) and Nyack (Thursday, Sunday). Fee is $150.

Please wear comfortable clothing and no strong scent.

Thank you, be well and enjoy the Spring.


(protect your self from the Eastern Wind: wear a scarf)